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Three Rs for Going Green at Home


If you are also an environment-enthusiast or simply want a healthy transformation for your place, then this blog is for you. Go Green is an inexpensive update for a place that comes with huge benefits not only for an individual but for an entire society and environment. 

When you think about going green, doesn't it remind you of the green and salad days of our childhood when life was as simple as icing on the cake and air was as clean & fresh as a daisy? With the evolution in technology, though our lives have become smart and fast, the quality of air and environment has degraded. 

However, with the increased caution toward the environment, the go green concept is grabbing soaring heedfulness these days which is quite appreciating. At the same time, it is a common belief that this concept demands immense efforts, time and expenses. But in a real sense, only a few simple tips can help you go green at home. These tips can be wrapped in three Rs i.e. Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. This means if one follows these three Rs that means 

Reduction of waste, Recycling of resources and reusing of products or recycled resources, one can preserve the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

Recycle- Recycle signifies the use of recycled resources and Reuse signifies the reuse of products. This is the best initiative we can take to make our environment healthy by making the best use of material with less damage to our environment.

If we purchase eco-friendly products which cause less harm to our environment would be the quite good step towards a better environment

Reduce- Reduce signifies the reduction of the wastage. For example, if we use steel utensils instead of paper plates or plastic glasses it will reduce the wastage of material. 

Reuse- Reuse signifies the usage of products more than one time before the final disposal. For example, a plastic bag we use for shopping can be reused for the next shopping trip or a plastic bottle can be reused in thousands of different ways.

Nowadays there are millions of ways to reuse things which are easily available on the internet. For recycling also, there are so many initiatives taken by the government. Recycling is converting an old item into a new item which helps the country to produce more and more goods in the country and helps us to make the best use of resources available in the environment.

Evidence has shown that going green at home means following practices and knowledge to lead environmentally and ecologically friendly lifestyles have two-ways benefits like power-saving helps in saving electricity bills, use of handmade bags helps in the protection of the health of animals who may get adversely affected after eating plastic bags, reuse of paper bags can help in waste reduction and helps the packaging cost of shopkeepers, 

Use of energy-efficient compact fluorescent (CFLs) or LED bulbs are bright that eliminate the need to switch on many lights and also last up to five times longer in comparison to regular light bulbs. So, that means you can actually save your hard-earned pockets if you go green at home. So going green and saving green can save our planet as well as our pocket.

For the better experience, you can inculcate these 3Rs or Going green practices within your housekeepers or caretakers so that they can better take care of the environment and emphasize on waste reduction. For the experienced caretakers and maids, get in touch with mud (MadeUrDay) which connects you with leading agencies that provide trained caretakers, helpers and cooks. Better choice for a better life!


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