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The interdependent relationship between the maid and the mistress or the master.


Coronavirus has put forth an undeniable example of a maid and the mistress’s dependence on each other.

When the country-wide lockdown was declared and the domestic helpers were disallowed to come to home and work, that white-knuckled mistress/master as well as the helpers. At the same time, the question of whether the workers should be allowed in or not also became a trend.

So, what was so big about it? Why did the dilemma sprout out? 

Because of the Interdependence of the maid and the mistress or the master.

As per official estimates, more than 4m humans are working as domestic helpers in middle-class and high-society Indian homes. And if we go for unofficial estimation, above 50m people are domestic helpers, among which 2/3rd are women.

Working in homes is an opportunity for domestic helpers to earn a living and for master or mistress, it helps them run the homes smoothly. This underlines the interdependent relationship between the maid and the "mistress/master”.

Among the debate “Could hunger hit more people than coronavirus?”, a conversation like how elderly parents are managing and living alone. And how those with unsound health are coping without domestic helpers had also been raised.

All because of the house help services they provide. Domestic helpers take care of the things around the home as the masters move with their high-paced life unaffected.

A domestic helper or a nanny is also needed for child care activities like baby-sitting, laundry services, meals preparation and other tasks which are all mentioned in the contract between the domestic helper and the employers. When you hire a domestic helper from global platforms like mud(MadeUrDay) you get authenticated domestic helpers and a written contract about the services they will provide. This leads to the elimination of stress and dispute post-hiring.

The services mentioned in the contract vary depending on the needs and priorities of the employers. Every family has different routines and members of different age-groups which alter the list of services they wish to get from their domestic helpers.

Apart from educational qualifications and experience, domestic helpers need to be fit physically as well as emotionally to complete energy-demanding activities and deal with elderly members and kids.

These requirements have prompted the interdependent relationship between the masters/mistress and the maids. And so also have called forth for the need of maid agency services. A few maid agencies like listed on mud(MadeUrDay) are much needed now to hire a domestic helper or a nanny or a babysitter. The agencies listed on the mud platform train the helpers to ensure safety measures and household skills.  Amidst the coronavirus, these agencies have provided strict training and sanitation guidelines to these helpers to make sure that this independent relationship does not hamper and only facilitates both the parties.

The bottom-line, a domestic helper makes your life easier at an easily affordable fee. Hire them through authenticated agencies and let the independent relation help each other.


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