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Why elderly people are the Gems of the Family?

Well said "Youth is the gift of nature. Age is a work of art" by Stanislaw Jerzy Lec” Old people are living diamonds, transformed and polished from youthfulness with the passage of time and the process of ageing. Elderly parents in the family are valuable gems but their brilliance is often camouflaged by age and wrinkles, yet their value is nonpareil and inevitable.  Let us have a look at the points that illuminate the worth of these hidden gems. Experience and wisdom The quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes, “The advice of their elders to young men is very apt to be as real as a list of the hundred best books” is an undeniable fact. The experience of elderly people lays a great foundation to mentor the family members. Besides, the elderly people pass on the ethics and wisdom to the budding ones. Especially in the new-fangled society of today when families rely on the dual-income earned by both- the wife and the husband, the role of elderly parents has been elevated

Why Does Corona Affect Children And Elderly People?

Covid-19 has been encountered to be highly ill-boding for the elderly and children. But why? Why are the elderly parents and kids not immune to Covid-19 ? Let us read. Whether it's China, Italy or India, it has been witnessed that the novel corona virus contaminates the elderly people and the young ones the most.  Two primary reasons contribute to this age-specific corona virus contamination viz. Immunity and Self-Healing powers.  It is a science-based fact that immunity reduces with the increase in age and the newborns also have low immunity power.  DNA is a genetic element that monitors most functions of the human body, however, it behaves sluggishly in newborns and elderly and so does not quickly & successfully go up against alien particles that enter the body. This brings down the immunity in newborns & toddlers. However, in elderly people, with the progress in age, the DNA communication gets distorted and the correct message to fight with alien

Top 5 Skills Domestic Helper Should Have For Baby Care

A baby’s arrival in a family is a divine sanction for every mom and dad. However, in the high-paced cosmopolitan lives, new & untrained parents find it baffling to keep an idle balance between personal life with care to toddlers and work commitments.  This sprouts out an urgent need for a proven solution- hiring a baby care .  But since these new parents do not hold experience in hiring a caretaker for their babies or preschoolers, they find it a difficult job. Here, we are with great tips to hire reliable guardians for your crawler. 1. A Caring, Credible and Curative Individual A domestic helper must be someone who can trust and depend upon. She or he must be compassionate & caring to offer warmth & loving ambiance to your kid. Besides, he/she must be curative with basic medical skills to administer CPR, to treat burns & cuts, or to relieve choking if the baby swallows a small toy. One must interview the candidate and ensure he/she posse

Cleaning Tips For Kitchen During COVID 19 Pandemic

A country-wide lockdown has made staying at home and spending most of our time in the kitchen to prepare meals, to try new recipes and to experiment to satiate the craving for street food.  However, we cannot ignore the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has hijacked the entire globe and this has increased our vigilance to take safety measures and precautions to safeguards ourselves & family from this dangerous virus. The precautionary steps have become imperative in whatever task we do, wherever we go or whatever we use and the kitchen is not of the parlance, particularly when we bring cooking ingredients & items from outside, because coronavirus has the potency to exist on any surface for a few days. So, maintenance of the kitchen hygiene must be one of our predominant principles to obstruct the accommodation of infections & COVID 19 virus in our kitchen or home. Therefore, we are highlighting some tips which can help you keep your kitchen bacteria-free &

Benefits of Hiring Old Age Care Taker

An old age caretaker is someone who provides help & care to any senior who is observing him/herself in a need of a little more assistance in their day-to-day affairs, as a consequence of aging. Many reasons advocate the hiring of an old age caregiver as these professionals take care of all non-medical attributes of the lives of elderly people. Some of the benefits are as follows: For a yummy healthful home-cooked platter Old people tend to eat less and they end up having poor nutrition. Especially when they live alone, they neither enjoy making efforts to cook meals for themselves nor do they enjoy the food without any company and ultimately their body suffers. A caregiver can be a good source of safe company for them in shopping the grocery & cooking ingredients, cooking the delectable & healthy meals, and enjoying the major-munch on the dinner table. So, a caregiver can save old age people from falling sick or feeling weak. Through Mud( MadeUrDay )

Tips To Hire A Nanny

Hiring a nanny is undoubtedly a challenging job, and expense, and an important decision that can or put your child’s physical and emotional well-being at risk.  However, we at MUD (MadeUrDay) connect you with the nanny hiring agencies who can transform this crucial undertaking of hiring a nanny into an interesting breakthrough, an expense into a profitable investment and a dicey doubt into a sound decision. Hiring a nanny who is experienced, honest, and caring is an investment made in the welfare of your child and his/her psychological & social growth. Our selected step-by-step tips to hire a nanny will help you in the nanny-hiring process. Here we go: Nail down a clear-cut description of the job Before hiring a nanny , understand your expectations and prepare a clear-cut description of the duties and responsibilities that you want the nanny to carry out.  This will help the nanny hiring agencies to get a clear idea about your expectations and your nanny

Tips For Hiring A Good Cook

Food holds the fort for our physical as well as emotional well-being and so it is indeed critical that our cook should be physically as well, as emotionally hygienic. A germ-free dish served on tableware is a key to a healthy life, at the same time; a tasty platter triggers dopamine (a chemical chargeable for the sense of pleasure) in our brain.  Food takes the helm for good health and knocks off distressing emotions such as anger, anxiety, or loneliness. While insipid foodstuffs upset our mood or nudge us for the junk or street food that leaves adverse effects on our health if consumed on a daily basis. A cook , thus, can alleviate or agitate our health and happiness. So, you must ensure that you appoint a cook who will be proficient enough to drive you to the major munch and make you luxuriate in till the last bite. Here are some tips that you may follow while hiring a cook to ensure flawless kitchen operations, safety, and food hygiene.  Proficiency in home cookin

Why Verification or Authentication of Domestic Helpers Is A Must?

Allowing our loved ones combat with some calculated challenges can let their self-resilience grow and make them greet progress & happiness in day to day affairs. However, while being flexible, setting out that everyone who gets across our dearer & nearer ones is safe, is also our responsibility. So, we must ensure that the facilities we are investing in, do not lay us or our loved ones on the line. Hiring a domestic helper is also one such convenience that arrives with a bundle of noted as well as unheard-of risks? But, a legitimate authentication brings down the risks & insecurities like robbery, physical harm, child abduction, etc to negligible and also proves to be helpful for police to trace them if any misfortune is caused by them. Let us have a deeper dive into the reasons that make verification of domestic helpers imperative.  Increased Dependence & Vulnerability People nestling in high-rise societies are highly dependent on domestic workers a