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To Let Go or Not: The Right Thing to Do When Maids Suddenly Decided to Leave

Our maid is someone we rely on and saves us when our schedule becomes too tight. The person we always trust may turn out to be someone we now hate and for some reasons, our trust for her is already lost. We made the right decision years ago when we chose her as a maid. She lived with us and took care of our children and elderly. Our maid came to know our culture and embraced the new family and her new country. She has become our friend and our kitchen pal. And one day, our maid suddenly opened up about leaving and going back to her country! As an employer, we’re very confused and lost. Stay calm . Talk with your helper and demand for an explanation. She needs to be clear with her reasons unless she may be lying to you. Ask her the reasons why did she decide to leave? Arrange the desertion. Does she need to go back immediately or can she wait for a week or two until you can find a new maid? Can she wait until the new maid get used to the working environment? Ask

Some Unique Cleaning Tips the Live-in Maid Should Take

Cleaning requires a particular amount of skill to be done right. Sure, you'll haphazardly vacuum the floors and fold everything sans strategy, but all you're ultimately doing is creating more work for yourself. And if you would like your home to shine, then here are some tips the maid should take care:- 1) Use oil to wash up the marks within the house. The bathroom mirrors and refrigerator are fingerprint-prone. One-touch on these things and that we put some smudge everywhere . The fridge, especially, when it's made from chrome steel are often left with numerous finger marks after we open and shut it a couple of times. When fingerprints start to bother, let the live-in maid use vegetable oil or ointment to clear up the marks and wipe the surface up with a towel . 2) Start with the dirtiest a part of the space . However, starting with the worst area within the room are often also effective. When the dirtiest area of the space is cleaned then other areas are going


Growing older can lead to many changes both mentally and physically because seniors require more help throughout the whole day. However caring for elderly parents at home has many benefits so we can hire someone that can help with their care needs. In-home care for seniors is a great step to assure your chosen one looked after properly. For when you cannot be there, 24 hour home care has many interests. Here are a few to consider. 1. Lingering in the ease of home One of the most appealing advantages of senior care is that your loved one will be able to stay in their home. 2. Personalized care Always provide full care without any reason. 3. Your peace of thought The best way to ensure your peace of mind when it comes to their care is to hire a professional aide who can provide a range of care. 4. They can still participate in the pursuits they love The happiest of retirees are those who are engaged in three to four activities regularly, so their happiness will count on


Domestic and Professional cleaning differs as when our customers enquire about our services, they naturally tend to compare our service which is delivered by trained professionals with their regular household maid and feel the charge for one time cleaning is at times more than what they pay to a maid for an entire month. The simplest way to describe domestic purification is a set of tasks that are regularly performed. In other words, it is what most people do on a daily or weekly basis which is carried out every 6 months. It maintains a good level of tidiness around the house. Sometimes a clear contract is a must when you are working professionally which is beneficial to both the parties. A regular schedule is made that is reliable which is the best way to make sure that all the job is finished properly within the specified time. When working professionally you can expect every member to be trained and able to perform high-quality cleansing according to the high standards. Know


Ensuring the health and safety of your representatives is constant in every business, so as an employer we have responsibilities to keep our staff safe. Possessing a protected and reliable work environment lessens the risk of any health and safety. One should know every possible thing to clean our encompassing area. Since the surrounding area would clean, the possibilities of our healthy life would be clear and helpful. The word "housekeeping" calls to think cleaning floors and facades, removing dust but this does not mean the same in the work environment. In the work environment, it means much more like housekeeping is essential to safe workplaces. Some workplace housekeeping tips to enable health and safety are:- 1.      Dust control Dust can have a negative impact and it should be kept to a minimum for several reasons. Employees do not want to work in a dirty environment and keeping your workplace untidy which can lead to unhappy employees. 2.      Fire

How To Identify Perfect House Maid For Your House

Hiring the best and right housekeeper is very important. It is just whether you are single or living in a family there is much load of doing housework. Always prefer dedicated and professional house cleaning who can spend much time without worrying about them. Personality Qualities of a Maid Hardworking  Always make sure that the selected candidate is comfortable and which can do proper work without interrupting in between anything. Trustworthy Build a relationship in which both of the parties can have trust because commitment always requires a level of trust. Maintain the trust as you will be leaving your home in the hands of the housemaid, and also you should assure that you would provide a timely salary for the work. This way you can build trust between each other. Attentive If you provide clear instruction, just know whether your staff is paying attention and create that vibe. Loyal A loyal cleaner is one who won’t cancel anything at the last moment so create tha

Helpful Tips To Prepare Your Kids For a New Babysitter

Just inform about your decision which has made for your baby. you must tell your baby that she will be joined by a babysitter with whom they will be spending a lot of time. Children must be provided the feeling that their opinion also matters as if you don't involve them then they will take that in the wrong way because you must involve them in that decision. You must explain the full reason, why you are making that decision so that they will feel that they are also deciding along with you. Children might feel insecure in the beginning because it takes time but tells them that you will be always available for them and they can contact you so that your kid can reach you anytime Just tell them that it is your responsibility to take care of the home as well and the babysitter will be there to take good care but without knowing everything about the house and hence, the children will have to guide them as and when needed. Give some responsibilities to them so that they can c

Reasons To Hire A Domestic Housemaid For Your Home

Having a housemaid is a very good decision to get free after your busy schedule and not thinking about cleaning your house and doing other things. Getting all those services is not only practical but it is a lifesaver. House cleaning is a way to manage your time more efficiently and much affordable. Some valid reasons for hiring a housemaid are: - • Working full time After a busy schedule you need some time for yourself but using that time to clean the house depletes your energy and limits your availability to enjoy other activities. Just that if you keep housemaid who can clean once or twice a month will give more time to do things and enjoy other activities as well. • Having a busy family A very tough task to take time and energy for family outings or other things when to spend time for cleaning, cooking and other things. But having a housemaid as a valuable time-management tool that everyone should consider. • Enjoying moments Basically, putting