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Top 5 Simple Habits to To Keep Your House Clean

Keeping up with the daily housekeeping can be a drag, but it doesn’t have to take up all your time. Keeping a clean home is less about the time involved, and more about creating some good habits that you start to just follow instinctively.   Get top 5 simple habits that will help you keep your house clean.   Simple Habits To Keep Your House Neat and Tidy   1. Start by Making the Bed   Some people think that making a bed is a waste of time, but in reality, there is a big difference in the arrangement of the room and it only takes a few minutes. To make things easier, simplify your bedding as much as possible. However, if you like your top sheets, you can minimize the number of pillows on your bed or use a large enough comfort or duvet that you don't need to put in the sheets.   2. Empty the Dishwasher Every Morning   Emptying the dishwasher makes it easier to keep a clean house , as dirty dishes do not have to sit in the sink or on your counters. If you've ever sche
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Housekeepers are 'an integral part' of your care crew. How?

  We pay little attention to what housekeepers really do for us and have little gratitude for their input to our household maintenance and care. However, they are an integral part of our care crew. They not only clean and maintain a private home or commercial office but also support families, kids and elderly parents. By ensuring that all the housekeeping sanitation requirements are duly met they provide a healthy and comfortable living to the family members. By providing love and care to the elderly parents and children, they provide a mentally and emotionally fit space for living to them. The work of a housekeeper is important in the prevention of serious infections and diseases and the efficient running of the house. It's clear they also play an important role in the care of all the family members. Let us precisely understand the responsibilities of housekeepers that make them 'an integral part' of your care crew. And here is the list:   Carrying out an array o

Can Live-in Caretaker be a Source of Reliable Companionship?

Elderly parents may always not find it right to ask for help especially when they take ageing as a bitter truth instead of enjoying this stage in their own style with all that they can do comfortably. Live-in caretakers can ecstasy be their own companions with whom they can share a bond and ask for help anytime they feel like. These live-in caretakers are experienced professionals who stay at home with elderly parents to help and care for them. It is their job to care for seniors and do whatever they can to make the lives elderly parents easy. Elderly parents may find it a bit uncomfortable to ask a few things to their family members but the bond they start sharing with living caregivers unfastens all the doors of discomfort and hesitation like they can easily ask the caretakers to help them in personal grooming, bathing or personal care tasks, which may they do not prefer to ask for from the family members. The relationship between elderly parents and live-in caretakers is often

The interdependent relationship between the maid and the mistress or the master.

  Coronavirus has put forth an undeniable example of a maid and the mistress’s dependence on each other. When the country-wide lockdown was declared and the domestic helpers were disallowed to come to home and work, that white-knuckled mistress/master as well as the helpers. At the same time, the question of whether the workers should be allowed in or not also became a trend. So, what was so big about it? Why did the dilemma sprout out?   Because of the Interdependence of the maid and the mistress or the master. As per official estimates, more than 4m humans are working as domestic helpers in middle-class and high-society Indian homes. And if we go for unofficial estimation, above 50m people are domestic helpers, among which 2/3rd are women. Working in homes is an opportunity for domestic helpers to earn a living and for master or mistress, it helps them run the homes smoothly. This underlines the interdependent relationship between the maid and the "mistress/master”.

Best 10 Qualities of a Great Cook for Home

Food is necessary for life and you can't just do it. Food not only gives the body energy for daily household chores but also provides the muscles and brain with nutrients to function properly. Even your immune system will increase if you eat healthy foods.  However, if you are in Delhi and trying to keep up with the fast pace of the city, you may simply not have enough time to prepare healthy food for yourself and your family. You can’t totally depend on the outside food as it is not good for your health and stomach.   So, Home Cook is the best option that will save you a lot of money on restaurants and checking bills. If you simply turn to an agency that specializes in finding cooks to help people like you, you can forget all your worries and just focus on tasting the food.   However, the agency will ask what type of cook you are looking for so they can customize their search process.   So to help you out with the answering of such questions, we have come up with the best

Three Rs for Going Green at Home

  If you are also an environment-enthusiast or simply want a healthy transformation for your place, then this blog is for you. Go Green is an inexpensive update for a place that comes with huge benefits not only for an individual but for an entire society and environment.  When you think about going green, doesn't it remind you of the green and salad days of our childhood when life was as simple as icing on the cake and air was as clean & fresh as a daisy? With the evolution in technology, though our lives have become smart and fast, the quality of air and environment has degraded.  However, with the increased caution toward the environment, the go green concept is grabbing soaring heedfulness these days which is quite appreciating. At the same time, it is a common belief that this concept demands immense efforts, time and expenses. But in a real sense, only a few simple tips can help you go green at home. These tips can be wrapped in three Rs i.e. Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

Cleaning For Your Health To Fight Against COVID-19

During this Covid-19 pandemic, we know that cleaning is very important, and getting a good maid is difficult. We have in-depth knowledge and experience of cleaning and its links to disease control. Demand for professional cleaning services is increasing and many of our clients are increasing the frequency of meetings. High-contact Disinfection   A clean home is not only a happy home but also a healthy home and it is an important point to keep in mind for the safety of the family. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, don’t forget to regularly clean all touch-sensitive surfaces in your home.   Hire our maid that will help you to be healthy and your family to be healthy. The maid will clean all the deep-corners and points which contains:   ●       Doorknobs ●       Light switches ●       Remote controls ●       All bathroom surfaces ●       Kitchen tables ●       Cabinet and drawer pulls ●       Refrigerator handle   Covid-19 Safety Procedures To Keep Your Famil