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What are the responsibilities of a caretaker towards elderly parents?

  A caretaker for the elderly is a person who takes care of the health and well-being of the elderly parents who needs help with day-to-day tasks & activities.  Caregiving comprises physical as well as psychological care. Irrespective of the bond and intensity of love present among the caretaker and an individual, caregiving is not an easy task and the complexity even rises as the age of the elderly parent increases. Almost every caregiver experiences irritation & anxiety yet many of them fulfil their duties with patience and love. Especially the trained & experienced caretakers execute their love with compassion and tolerance. What are those responsibilities which have made this job so demanding and challenging? Let us have a look: Personal Care Responsibilities Personal care responsibilities include maintenance of Hygiene of elderly parents through regular bathing, Continence & Toileting and Changing Bed & Bedsheets. Elderly caretaker takes on the responsib

Healthy Eating For Healthy Pregnancy and Baby

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), a pregnant mother needs a more healthy diet that is rich in calcium, iron, calcium, folic acid and protein than a woman who is not pregnant. Diet plays an important role in a healthy pregnancy and delivering a healthy & happy baby. A nutritious diet is very helpful in averting the risk of neural tube defects and ensures the proper development of the child's brain and spinal cord. Apart from supplements prescribed by doctors, a woman must consume leafy green vegetables, fortified/enriched cereals, beans, citrus fruits, etc to ensure a daily intake of prescribed folic acid of at least 600 micrograms. For the calcium consumption for baby’s healthy bones and teeth, enough consumption of dairy products like milk, yoghurt, cheese and calcium-fortified juices and foods is suggested. In the absence of calcium-rich food, the baby tends to draw calcium from the mother's body which weakens the mother’s heal

Hire a Professional and Specialist cook Amid COVID-19

  Bored of eating home-made simple meals? Craving for something street food like? Hire a cook based on your preferences.   With the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19 and an unstoppable carving for exotic food, the time has come to hirea specialist cook for home or replace the traditional maids with specialist cooks for the restaurant like experience. It is strictly not recommended to go out and have a feast at restaurants or cafes due to Covid-19 which is spreading at a high pace. At the same time, it is becoming harder to restrain from delectable cuisines of restaurants and recipes made by specialist cooks. What about the idea, if home-cooked food becomes as tasty as you are desiring for? Yes, it is a great idea! If you hire a professional cook who can prepare delicious meals for you and serve taste and health together, you can enjoy the tasty delights and time with your family. After a busy work schedule on the weekdays, you can just relax, have some refreshments, and get the foo