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Importance of Having Certified Nannies For Kids

  To ensure the safety of your kids, there are numerous certifications one can ask for while interviewing the candidate for the post of Nanny. These certifications include CPR/AED certification, a clean driving record, or a driving license, Red Cross water safety certification (when you are seeking care for your children at a lake, pool, beach, or other water body). But why are these certifications necessary, why are certified nannies more preferable over uncertified? Let us have a look: 1. Childcare Knowledge. Nannies having childcare knowledge have higher chances of providing quality services to children and families. The trained nannies know different developmental phases of kids and they can offer the utmost care accordingly at different stages. Besides, bolstering healthy development and lifestyle, these nannies can inculcate basic discipline and manner within the child. 2. Practical Skills Certified nannies have an array of skills that set them distinguished from uncerti

Hacks To Keep Your Kitchen Clean

  The kitchen is an integral part of your home that welcomes you every day, every hour for everything that you need to satiate your hunger (with food), refresh yourself (with tea/coffee), and to preserve your tongue’s delight. The kitchen is the cornerstone of the home-party, home-made food, and healthful recipes. In short, it is the place that deserves the highest hygiene and maintenance as the day starts with warm water, continues with healthy breakfast, and ends with home-cooked dinner. Here, we have listed a few selected hacks to keep your kitchen clean easily and regularly.  Keep a Cotton Ball in the Kitchen’s Dustbin Garbage in the dustbin reeks and this is an unavoidable fact, however, if we can’t stop it from stinking at least we can make it decrease its evil-smell or make it smell good. Here is a trick for it, take a cotton ball, dip it in the essential oil like that of lavender or lemongrass, and to keep it in the dustbin of the kitchen. This will not only reduce the fou

Important Topics and Questions for Housemaid Interview

  Housemaid is an indispensable need today. Everyone wants to hire a reliable, responsible and trained homemaid who can take on the responsibility to carry day-to-day essentials tasks to keep the home well-maintained and hygienic. However, appointing such a maid is not an easy task and demands the investment of time, efforts and a set of important questions to put forth while interviewing a candidate for the role.    The best platform to hire home maids, nurses for elderly care and nannies are globally recognised one such as mud ( MadeUrDay ) that enlists authenticated staff-providing agencies. Whatever the source of hiring be, we should always be prepared with a budget and an array of questions to be asked by the candidate to get detailed information about the experience and perception of the maid before hiring. Here, we have listed a few important questions that must not be ignored while interviewing your candidate.   Ask the candidate to introduce yourself and share your hobbies

Five Signs That You Need a Housemaid

“Cleanliness is godliness.”   Cleaning is an important part of managing a healthy lifestyle. Because of the hectic schedule, we forget to clean up our mess and end up neglecting our home. Here are more signs to look out for whether you need a housemaid or not.   1. You are a Working Women When both parents work long hours, they find very little time to take care of their children and other important things, let alone clean the laundry. When you get home tired, cleaning the house or washing your laundry is the last thing you want to do.   2. You don’t have spare time   If you have a busy schedule and find it difficult to find time for yourself, you definitely need a housemaid . After a hectic day, you just wish to sit back and rest and avoid doing household works.   However, if you need to clean your house at this time, you will probably drain the last stored energy. So, it becomes important to hire a housemaid due to which you can get free time and spend time with kids, fam