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Choose An Ideal Maternity Nurse! See How?

Welcoming a newborn in a family is beyond good news and celebration. A little bundle of joy is an addition to the family that brings a lot of joy & happiness along with sleepless nights, known & unknown responsibilities and feelings never experienced before. So, it is a combination of positive emotions of love, care, happiness with unavoidable stress to handle big responsibilities on time. Don't every parent want to enjoy the distinguished feelings of becoming parents and moments not to come again? However, overwhelming anxiety and lack of experience to handle babies & understand their needs may prevent them from deeply experiencing these feelings. So, here sprouts a need for a professional maternity nurse who can take care of you and your neonate.  What is a Maternity Nurse? A maternity nurse is a trained person that can help, look after and guide new parents to care for their newborn baby while letting the parents take proper & adequate rest for the

Five Reasons To Hire A Cook.

Today, most parents are more over-occupied than ever, however, in the hectic life, every parent wants good nutrition for their kids or family. According to the reports of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 55% of married-couple are working parents, today. Busier with work reflects the lesser time to prepare healthy meals for kids. And it is not only about making meals, preparations such as finding recipes, shopping for groceries, serving the food & wrapping up are also needed.  Nutrition and standard nutrition status are very important for everyone, particularly for growing children and those who need special healthcare like our elderly parents. A cook can personally assist the occupied parents by offering health-filled homemade food, menu planning, grocery buying.  Here are 5 reasons that back that we should hire a cook: Healthful Platter on your Dinner-table Home-cooked food prepared using whole food ingredients often has fewer calories, fat & s

Recommended Safety Measures For Nannies and Their Employers: COVID19

No one has been left out to be unaffected by the changing scenario of the globe that has been effectuated by the outbreak of COVID 19. While some have lost employment, some have lost their nearer & dearer ones.  According to the recent scientific researches, COVID-19 is contagious before symptoms come on the surface and 25% of infected have been discovered entirely asymptomatic. Taking the same in the account, here we have listed out some Recommended Safety Measures for Nannies and Their Employers during COVID-19. These measures are devised from those mentioned by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Oranization (WHO) and the leaders from the industry.  Employers, as well as nannies, must check their temperature each morning. The ideal temperature for adults is approx 98.6 and a bit higher for children. Families may welcome the nanny for the day with sanitizer and gloves.  Avoid going out in public places, if it's unavoidable, wear a mask and keep

Precautions For Carers and Families Amid COVID 19

Amid the present crisis of COVID 19 that has overbrimmed the whole world with anxiety, fear and stress, we just have precautionary actions to follow in the absence of a vaccine & confirmed protocol. Fear and Panic pops up when any of our family members show symptoms of coronavirus as it is a life-snatching and an easy transferable disease that showcases symptoms after 15 days i.e. not too early to cure. So, in such a situation, we are just left out to take precautions to safeguard ourselves. Preventive measures like frequent hand washing, covering mouth during coughing, maintaining social distance, wearing a face mask and self-isolating when suspected infectious are common for people of all the categories. However, when we turn our attention to precautions that caretakers and families must take while dealing with each other, the preventive measures need some additions. Families must ensure the sanitisation of the caregiver before allowing them to enter the home and c

In Home Services for Elderly Parents: Points to Ponder

Everyone cares about the health and safety of their loved ones, especially the elderly parents who have nurtured us with care, love, and tenderness. However, while listing out their requirements, filtering the best options and making the right choices sometimes become overwhelming and we end up missing out some common yet important points in search of the best. Here are a few points to ponder that can help you devise a realistic plan for the happiness & health of your mom or dad. Underlining the needs of ageing parents Figure out the care the ageing parents really need. To underline the same, a list that specifies the care & supervision that must be given every hour, day, week and month can be made. This list along with important notes should be handed over to the in-home caretaker to ensure the fulfilment of responsibilities in an effective and timely manner. The Care For The Elderly Parents Should Be Individual-Centered One must ensure that the care f

What Are The Characteristics Of Great And Professional Nanny?

Nanny is simply not another staff in the home but a loving lap that nurtures your little bundle of joy with the care that is full of love alongside a professional, punctual, and precautionary attitude. A great nanny is someone who can be as soft-hearted as parents and as competent as a professional caretaker . Here is the list of characteristics that defines a great and professional nanny. Love for children and their company Unconditional love for children is the top-most quality of a great nanny. This characteristic takes priority over skills, education & experience because without genuine love one can not connect with kids and serve them with a nurturing spirit. A nanny should enjoy the company of children and feel revered to be a nurturer to them because they need to spend the majority of their time with kids. Reliable Parents expect nannies to be completely reliable so that they can focus on their other personal & professional responsibilities. A nanny