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Cleaning For Your Health To Fight Against COVID-19

During this Covid-19 pandemic, we know that cleaning is very important, and getting a good maid is difficult. We have in-depth knowledge and experience of cleaning and its links to disease control. Demand for professional cleaning services is increasing and many of our clients are increasing the frequency of meetings.

High-contact Disinfection 

A clean home is not only a happy home but also a healthy home and it is an important point to keep in mind for the safety of the family. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, don’t forget to regularly clean all touch-sensitive surfaces in your home. 

Hire our maid that will help you to be healthy and your family to be healthy. The maid will clean all the deep-corners and points which contains: 


      Light switches

      Remote controls

      All bathroom surfaces

      Kitchen tables

      Cabinet and drawer pulls

      Refrigerator handle 

Covid-19 Safety Procedures To Keep Your Family Safe 

Our maids follow procedures in place to ensure the safety of you and our cleaning staff. 

Temperature controls: The temperature is checked each morning. At all temperatures above 99 degrees, they are ordered to stay at home. 

Wearing masks: Cleaning technicians wear a mask when entering a home and whenever they are 6 feet away from a household member. 

Gloves in hand: All maids wear gloves while at the client's home. 

Disinfection of hands and equipment: Our staff takes additional hygiene requirements when entering and leaving the home. These steps include disinfecting your hands and wiping the equipment with disinfectants before entering your home. 

100% microfiber: we use 100% microfiber cloths that remove 98% of bacteria and viruses when used with professional cleaners. All clothes are cleaned and tidied and are never used in more than one house. 

Surface disinfection: We use a hospital disinfectant on all touch-sensitive surfaces in your home. (Worktops, bathroom surfaces, door heads, light switches, refrigerator handle, etc.) Note that when disinfecting surfaces, the disinfectant must work properly on a wet surface. You can let us know by using a cleaner surface than usual and not by drying the surfaces. 

Floors: We use a hospital disinfectant to clean your hard surfaces if you do not want us to use a regular cleaner. Our disinfectant has a neutral pH and is safe for all floor surfaces. 

Vacuum: If you want us to use your vacuum, just let us know. 

Social Distancing: We ask that our maids to follow 6 feet of social space during the work. 

Workers' Illness: When technology is sick or close to a sick person, they are told to stay home. 

We take our role as an important company in the fight against the Covid-19 virus seriously. We are committed to helping you keep your home clean and tidy while limiting the risk to you, your family, and our employees. 

So, hire the best maid from Madeurday and keep your house and family healthy. Let’s fight with Coronavirus together!!


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