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Finding an ideal nanny plays a critical role in the confirmation of a child's needs and safety. Nannies child care specialists who are hired to nurture the kids with the utmost care and love by meeting their needs on time and providing them tailor-made care and personalised attention. 

Depending upon the needs, schedule and budget of the family, the nanny may be hired for full time or part-time. Considering all the major and minor factors, a right nanny must be hired who can assist the family in the upbringing of the kid. When a family is well-aware of the space that they wish to fill with a nanny as their child care provider, they can hire a nanny who can be the trustworthy companion of the child and promise employment success.

Agencies like those listed on mud(MadeUrDay) can help families in determining the type of nanny they are seeking.

  • Things that one must while searching for a nanny:
  • Whether you need a full-time nanny or part-time nanny
  • The type and years’ of experience your nanny must have
  • Whether you want to hire a live-in nanny or a live-out nanny
  • The educational background you want your nanny to have
  • What household responsibilities (if any) you wish your nanny to carry on

Your lifestyle and a specific nanny who would be compatible with that, Lifestyle may include parenting philosophies, religious beliefs, personal perception, etc.

Families are advised to unfailing take into account the nanny care model type that will be high -suitable to them and the kid. Among the three models, namely, custodial care, coordinated care and surrogate care, based on budget and needs, the parents must choose the one that will offer best and appropriate support in the child’s rearing. Let us read about the three nanny care models before finalising the one.

Custodial Care Model: In this model, the nanny serves only a limited needs of the kids. The nanny supports the kid emotionally and meets all the physical needs of the kid, with least interference in the area of child-upbringing and parenting ideology. All the needs of kids are duly met by the nannies as per the set of instructions given by the parents, however, as far as the child's time-table and activities are concerned, the nanny does not have any role to play in it. This model suits the parents who solicit the least interference from nanny and hire a nanny just to serve the basic needs of kids. 

Coordinated Care Model: In this model, nanny plays an important role in the upbringing of the kid and acts as a true parenting partner by working together with the parents to raise the child. Under this model, the nannies have major involvement in child-upbringing practising parenting ideology. Nannies are full -time carers whose opinions are highly-valued and who enjoy the freedom to make schedules for the kids and decide the activities that are in the child’s best interest. This care is suitable to the parents who seek true partnership and has respect and trust for nannies.

Surrogate Care Model: In this model, the nanny acts as the child’s primary caregiver and often takes care of the physical, emotional and social wellness of the kids. With very little communication with the parents, the nanny spends plenty of time with the kid and has the freedom to make decisions that serve the best interest of the kids. This model is suitable for those parents whose jobs demand frequent travelling, flexible timings, etc that germinates the need for a full-time caregiver. 

The parents and the nanny, both should understand the needs of each other and have mutual respect before the final decision of hiring a nanny and acceptance of an employment offer. For more guidance on the type of nanny that will suit you the best, you can connect with the staff agencies listed on mud(MadeUrDay).


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