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Ways To Improve Life’s Quality Of Elderly Ones

As elderly ones step into the higher stages of life, they may start feeling depressed and dependent. We can not stop them from feeling static, however, we can help them deal with these feelings. We can cheer them up and make them transform downcasted feelings into positive emotions by improving their quality of life. Here are a few ways to improve life’s quality of our ageing parents.

Be in touch with Geriatric Care Manager

Be in touch with Geriatric Care Manager to ensure the good health of the elder, get a Care Plan and Care Management for them. A geriatric care manager for your elderly parents will help you identify the needs of ageing parents and ways to fulfil them.  They assess the overall living environment of the elders and identify glitches, unmet needs and eligibility for required services. Sometimes, Geriatric Care Managers monitor in-home workers to confirm that the needed care is given.

Frequent Communication

Frequent communication has been a proven way to check the mental and emotional health of elderly parents. Wishes on anniversaries and festive occasions cheers them up and leave healing effects on them. This way, you will also come to know whether they are feeling well or not, if not, you can call upon the doctor. This will ensure their health and invigorate a Teamwork among family, caregiver, doctors and health care providers).

Hire A Caregiver

Hiring a caregiver will be an assurance that all the needs of your elderly parents are duly and timely meeting. You can hire a trained and certified caregiver from the best home care agencies listed on the mud(MadeUrDay) platform. These caretakers will not fulfil the physical needs of your elderly parents but will also act as counsellors for them when they will need therapeutic support.
Attention to Quality of Care and Ambience

Give a decluttered ambience to your elderly parents. The soothing fragrance of flowers, soft music and the properly arranged room will surely create an ambience they would love to breathe in. The quality of ambience must go alongside the quality of care & concern they deserve at this age after giving you what you needed. You can hire an experienced caregiver who can serve them fresh home-cooked food on time and take care of their medications. Besides, the elderly parents desire refreshing moments out of the home, you can ask a caretaker to take them to park or somewhere outside the home. Enjoyment in their life will manage the symptoms and side effects of ageing. 

Ensure their Wellness Care Wishes Are Fulfilled

Ensure that the health care directives of the elderly parents are in order. From an Advanced Healthcare Directive for Wellness Program to settle on their healths’ plan following a POLST (Physician’s Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment)- medical order from the Primary Care Physician (PCP) of the ageing parents. This will attest that their health care wishes will be approved. 


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